Kurobi Update 2022

Products, Launch, Marketing, and A Golden 2022

Dear Kurobi Family,

It’s been a while since the team last communicated on happenings behind the curtains in the Kurobi engine room. As we’ve stated in our last correspondence, the dev team has been working hard building as we continue to monitor developments in the crypto industry with keen interest. Our goal has always been to create a product that you, or Kurobi backers will be proud of. While the team takes the implementation measure, it is what will serve the Kurobi community best that ultimately determines the direction we take.

Today, we are happy to announce that we are back! Not that we’ve been really away for a second, but that we’re happy with the general direction of what we’ve been building for you and now feel it’s the right time to share developments as we all look forward to the awesome year we promised you.

The rest of 2022 for the Kurobi project will generally be centered around 4 key areas:

  • NFT Timepass Launch

We’ve really thought long and hard about how best to compensate our fantastic community for bearing with us so far, and for their unflinching support even during the recent market turmoil in the entire crypto industry. The team decided on three major changes:

1. Revise the tokenomics to compensate current KURO holders for keeping the faith

2. To open the project and lead it towards true community ownership with the KURO DAO

3. To open Kurobi to other markets by going multi-chain.

KURO Tokenomics Update

We understand how difficult the beginning of 2022 has been for most crypto token holders, including our backers. As the markets took a bear turn, we recognize how special a community we have. One that believes in the long-term vision of the project, and vests incredible amount of trust in the Kurobi team. As we begin rolling out our products and start going to market, we feel it’s appropriate to compensate our current holders for keeping faith in the project. The team has decided to revise the tokenomics with a burn of 200,000,000 KURO. The team will in a new communication spell out the newly designed Kuronomics.

A Community-First Kurobi

We believe that involving the community more and giving KURO holders a voice in the trajectory of the project is well-earned. In truth, Kurobi is an entity that can and will take many forms with a retinue of products existing under it. It will be an honour for us to have our loyal community shaping the general directions of whatever new products we create to serve them and other users of the platform in the future.

Expanding Our Reach

As for going multi-chain, we believe that the potential of the Kurobi brand is too awesome to be restricted to a single blockchain. The crypto world is huge and constantly expanding. We want to take Kurobi wherever the action is. For a start, we are thrilled to announce that the $KURO will soon be a multi-chain token starting its journey on the Ethereum blockchain. The team has fantastic ideas that will take advantage of the wider opportunities in new markets as we extend the reach of the Kuro token beyond Solana.

Products, Launch, and Marketing

2022 will be a fantastic year for the Kurobi brand and KURO holders worldwide. Our plans are set, and we are ready to roll out the big ones. Other highlights of the year include the launch of the platform in a few weeks, NFT Timepass kickoff, full re-ignition of community engagement, on-boarding campaigns targeting potential Kurobi customers, and making the $KURO even more accessible with further payment integrations.

Here is the full itemized roadmap for 2022 at Kurobi

Q1 2022

  • Integration of $KURO with FTXPay

Q2 2022

  • Build NFT Timepass ticketing solution for virtual events

Q3 2022

  • Partnership with Creative Agencies & Creators

Q4 2022

  • Implement the DAO system for $KURO

To stay up-to-date with the latest happenings with the $KURO token migration and to take part in our coming AMAs, join the Kurobi Discord server today. The silence is over, the cooking is done, and now it’s that we all eat!

Thank you for supporting Kurobi

Much Love

Team Kurobi

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